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Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture



The turkey vulture is a large bird covered in brownish-black feathers; the head is red and mostly bald. The flight feathers on the wings are a silver-gray on the under side. The turkey vulture has a short, hooked bill.  



Turkey Vultures inhabit subtropical forests, shrub lands, deserts, and foothills. They can also be found in pastures, grasslands, and wetlands. 



Turkey Vultures feed primarily on a wide variety of carrion (dead animals), ranging from small mammals to large grazers such as cows. On the rare occasion Turkey vultures have been known to feed on plants and fruit.


Turkey Vulture


How to Deter Turkey Vultures

Turkey Vultures forage for food during the day and return to their roosts at night. Turkey Vultures roost in large groups. If you are having a problem with turkey vultures on your property, consider the following options: 


Habitat modification

 Prevent Turkey Vultures from landing on rooflines, ledges or railing with Mega Spikes, or Plastic Bird Spikes. The spikes create an uneven landing surface the birds cannot land on.        


Remove any food source

 It’s not likely that food is what’s attracting turkey vultures to your property as they generally feed on carrion (dead animals). If you do have carrion on your property, disposing of it will prevent attracting the birds to your property.


Scare Tactics

 Visual deterrents with shiny reflective surfaces like the Mylar Flash Tape and Predator Eye Balloon can be hung around areas you want to deter Turkey Vultures. They will not like the reflective surface and move on.
 Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinklers are a good option for keeping turkey vultures off of patios, decks or yards.  


Humane Removal / Professional Installer

 If you don’t have the time, resources or expertise to solve your bird problem, there are wildlife and pest control companies that offer bird control as a service.
 These professionals can install bird control products and offer other services such as clean-up and humane trap and removal. 


If you would like advice on choosing the correct product for your pest bird problem, or would like an authorized installer in your area, please call us at (877) 820-8205 or email us.


Recommended Deterrents:

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