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Window Alert

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Window Alerts Decals Bird Deterrent (12 pack)

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Window Alerts are window decals used to prevent bird window strikes.

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window alert

When the conditions are right, a bird may perceive the reflection in a window as actual space. Too often birds are harmed or killed due to window strikes. Window Alerts are static cling decals used to prevent birds from striking windows or glass surfaces. The decals cling to glass and are visible to birds, but nearly invisible from the inside. The decals are static cling and can be removed for later use.


How Window Alerts Work:

Window Alerts reflect ultraviolet light; when you place the decals around a window, birds will see the ultraviolet light and know there is indeed a surface.


Product Features:

  • Stop window strikes from pest birds!
  • Static-cling decal that easily attaches to windows!
  • Helps birds SEE windows so they don't fly into them!
  • Removes easily for window cleaning!
  • One decal for every two or three square feet of glass!


Installation Instructions:

1) WindowAlert decals may be used only on an exterior glass surface -- free of any overlay, tinting, film, or coating.

2) Clean glass thoroughly. Make sure glass is free of chemicals and cleaners before applying decals.

3) Decals are best applied when glass is warm (greater than 50 degress Fahrenheit). If applied during winter months, clean glass with warm water prior to application.

4) Peel decal from paper backing. The same side that was against the paper goes the against the glass.

5) Place decals on the outside of the window. CONCENTRATE decals at the center and then work out, placing decals every few feet of glass. Position OUT OF REACH of infants and small children.

6) Restore static cling by rinsing decal in lukewarm water.

7) The UV coating may fade based on exposure and local elevation. Replace decals every 6 to 9 months.


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