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Pigeons are generally gray with slightly iridescent feathers on the neck that shine pink and green in the sunlight. Coloration is variable with many mixtures. Pigeons average 3-5 years in the wild.



Pigeons are found in many habitats including desert, forest and grassland areas. Pigeons are also commonly found in urban and suburban settings.



Wild rock doves feed on seeds but the diet of the pigeons has grown to include bread, vegetables, meat and other food discarded by humans.

Feral Pigeon


How to Deter Pigeons

There are many humane options for deterring pigeons from landing or nesting. It is important to do a good clean-up of any bird droppings or nesting materials before any product is installed.


Habitat modification

♦  Install Bird Netting to block pigeons from getting back to the area they have chosen to roost, perch or nest. If you make affected areas inaccessible, the birds will be forced to move on to a new location.
♦  Bird Spikes are effective on ledges, window sills, roof lines, eaves, and other areas pigeons have decided to land.
♦  Use a physical bird deterrent such as the repeller 360, bird spiders, or solar bird repeller to keep pigeons off of concentrated areas such as AC units, light posts and other areas.


Remove any food source

♦  If there is an open food source such as seeds from a songbird feeder, open trash bins or discarded food, covering or removing these food sources will send the birds looking elsewhere for their next meal.


Scare Tactics

♦  Birds have a heightened sense of their environment. If you appeal to their senses such as sight and sound, you can effectively scare birds away from your property using products like the Bird Chase Sonic or visual bird deterrents.


Humane Removal / Professional Installer

♦If you don’t have the time, resources or expertise to solve your bird problem, there are wildlife and pest control companies that offer bird control as a service. These professionals can install bird control products and offer other services such as clean-up and humane trap and removal.


If you would like advice on choosing the correct product for your pest bird problem, or would like an authorized installer in your area, please call us at (877) 820-8205 or email us.

Recommended Deterrents:


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  1. Gull-Cat Bird Deterrent


    The Gull Cat is a life-like crouching and moving cat that scares away birds.  Unique design, allows the head and tail to move with the motion of the wind and waves

    Read More
  2. Avian Fog Force™ TR Bird Repellent

    Price From: $32.00

    Avian Fog Force™ TR Bird Repellent is an EPA registered, non-lethal time-release aerosol bird repellent that is effective against all types of nuisance birds and is suitable for use around humans and pets.  Read More

  3. Bird Chase Super Sonic Bird Deterrent

    Price From: $195.00
    The Bird Chase Super Sonic™ is an outdoor sound device used to deter pest birds.  Distress and predator calls from 24 types of birds are broadcast for two minutes at ten minut Read More
  4. Bird Spider 360 Bird Deterrent

    Price From: $30.95
    The Bird Spider® 360° rotates 360° in the wind to prevent large birds from landing.  It is available in 4 sizes: 2' diameter, 4' diameter, 6' diameter and 8' diameter. Read More
  5. Solar Bird Repeller


    Solar Bird Repeller is a portable solar powered bird deterrent that uses continuous motion to prevent large pest birds from landing.

    Read More
  6. Garden Bird Netting

    Price From: $95.00

    Garden Bird Netting can be used for berries, bushes, trees, gardens and other areas where birds might try to nest, including eaves, barns, garages, balconies, sheds and more.  &n Read More

  7. Pigeon Motel Humane Bird Trap


    Pigeon Motels are "live" traps used to humanely capture pest birds for later release or relocation.

    Read More
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