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The great cormorant is a large black water bird with a long neck, an orange / yellow chin strap, and a long hooked bill.



The Cormorant will breed along rocky marine coasts, nesting on cliff ledges or rocky islands, and spend their winters along coastal areas. They will also inhabit estuaries and freshwater lakes and rivers. 



Cormorants enjoy a steady diet of fish including eels and water snakes. 




How to Deter Cormorants

Cormorants are marine birds and mainly cause trouble for boaters and those with waterfront homes. Here are a few suggestions for deterring Cormorants from your property:


Habitat modification

 Cormorants like to build nests in high places, including rooftops and chimneys. Installing a pyhsical bird deterrent such as Bird Spikes or the Bird Spider will prevent them from building a nest.
 Boats, docks, and other waterfront structures offer a nice place for cormorants to perch. Install Bird Spikes or Bird Spiders in these areas to deter the birds. 


Scare Tactics

 Hang shiny or reflective items such as Mylar Flash Tape or Predator Eye Balloons on docks, boats and other areas to scare Cormorants away.


Humane Removal / Professional Installer

 If you don’t have the time, resources or expertise to solve your bird problem, there are wildlife and pest control companies that offer bird control as a service.
 These professionals can install bird control products and offer other services such as clean-up and humane trap and removal. 


If you would like advice on choosing the correct product for your pest bird problem, or would like an authorized installer in your area, please call us at (877) 820-8205 or email us.


Recommended Deterrents:

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