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Gardens, Crops

It's not hard to image why birds congregate around your garden edibles or crops... the free meal! Whether it's a small blueberry bush or a grove of cherry trees, the birds will be ready for harvest when your edibles ripen. 

Protect your garden and crops by installing deterrents to keep the birds away. Bird deterrents in gardens and crops are most effective if installed before the edibles ripen. Take a proactive approach to protect the fruits of your labor!

keep birds away from crops 

Bird control products for gardens and crops:


Bird Netting

Lightweight mesh used as a barrier to block birds from plants.


Hawk Decoy

Life like Red Tailed Hawk Decoy use to scare birds from open spaces.


Scare Balloon

Predator eye, color and movement scare birds away.


Bird Diverters

Predator eyes and a reflective surface scare birds away.


Bird Chase Super Sonic

Outdoor sound deterrent uses bird distress calls to scare birds from open spaces.


Flash Tape

Reflective film and crinkle sound scare birds away.



If you don't have the time or resources to handle your bird problem, we can help! Absolute Bird Control can put you in touch with an "Authorized Installer" in your area, call us at 1-877-820-8205 or email us.

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