garden bird nettingBackyard BBQs are in full swing.  Patio furniture is being used with family and friends.  Pools are being used.    Summer parties are being enjoyed.  You want to show off your flourishing garden to your guests.  Make sure you have a garden to show.  You will need garden bird netting to protect the fruits of your labor.  The pest birds will perch and peck at the juicy tomatoes in the garden and ripened fruit on the trees.  There are proven bird control solutions that are both humane and effective.  There is no need to get out a BB gun or to put poisons in the backyard.

Why Garden Bird Netting

There are many important benefits for installing garden bird netting.  When applied to the home, it saves on siding and roofs from needing repair or replacement.  It eliminates destructive and caustic bird droppings.  The bird’s feces corrode metal, destroy finishes and change the color of paint.  Garden bird netting will cut costs of repairs and prevent the drop in your property aesthetics and value.

By keeping birds away with the netting, you are also eliminating exposure to over 60 bird-related diseases.  This includes West Nile, Histoplasmosis, Salmonella, E. Coli and more.  Netting keeps the birds away that raise these health risks. 


Netting is a versatile bird control product.  It is a physical barrier that will exclude the pest bird from an area.  It is highly effective.  Bird netting will keep birds out of fruit trees and it will keep the garden plants safe from the birds.  Bird netting from Bird B Gone is quality tested.  They provide the best quality bird netting in the industry.  It is the #1 specified bird netting by architects, contractors and government agencies.


Garden bird netting is lightweight yet very strong and easy to handle.    It is the ideal DIY form of bird control.  Backyard gardeners can protect their trees and plants on a Saturday morning and be ready for a nice bird free BBQ in the afternoon.  For fruit trees, measurement of the circumference of the tree is needed.  The netting should then be cut an extra foot.  It is then draped over the fruit tree and secured using zip ties, hog rings or twine.

Vegetable gardens can be protected by installing the netting over individual plants or it can be suspended over the entire garden plot.

Berry bushes are protected best by suspending the netting over the entire bush or vine by at least 6 inches above the tallest bush.  You want to suspend it high enough so that the birds cannot sit on the mesh and peck at the fruit through the mesh.  When suspending the netting, place a series of poles around the perimeter of the area.  Then secure the netting to the poles.  Again, you can secure it using twine, zip ties and even a staple gun.

Netting is also recommended to protect the eaves of the home from birds nesting and roosting.  You would drape the netting at a 45-degree angle over the eave.  Make sure that you have enough netting to run from the outer edge of the roof to the side of the house. Secure the netting with either a staple gun or hooks.

There are many ways to use garden bird netting and different size mesh.  It all depends on the species of bird and where they have become a nuisance.