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Typically woodpeckers live in forests and wooded areas and will drill in tree bark looking for insects; however, they are no stranger to residential dwellings. These amazing birds have hammer and crowbar-like beaks, feet with two sharply clawed toes pointing in opposite directions for grip and balance and along tongue with a sticky texture, all of which help them in their search for food. Determine the right woodpecker deterrent to keep them away from your property.

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Posted in Woodpecker Control By Fran Prisco

Keep Birds Off Boats in Winter

9/19/2013 9:55 AM

As you prepare to put your boat away for winter, remember that birds cause damage to boats even during the off season, costing boat owners a fortune in cleanup and repairs. Birds make themselves right at home on your boat while you are away. They leave behind smelly scraps and bird feces, which can not only stain boat coverings but it contains acids that can damage certain boat materials as well. Avoid the mess and unnecessary financial headache of having birds land and nest on your boat with humane bird deterrents.

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Posted in Bird Control By Fran Prisco

Homeowners often have issues with large birds landing on the edge of their roof, windowsills, under eaves and other flat or curved surfaces on their property. Pest birds landing and roosting are also pooping. Bird droppings create an unsanitary and unsightly mess for homeowners.

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Posted in Bird Spikes By Fran Prisco