Are birds destroying your garden? Whether you have a lush green oasis full of flowers, a fruit and vegetable garden or a small berry orchard, chances are you want to preserve it and keep pest birds away.

While some birds are beautiful to watch and listen to, when they are in your garden birds can be destructive by eating your crops and pooping everywhere. Not only do bird droppings pose many health hazards but it is also an eyesore to have bird poop covering your garden.

There are several humane bird control solutions for ridding your garden of pest birds. Visual bird deterrents can be placed in and around your garden area to scare birds away. The Red Tail Hawk decoy, for example, is a natural predator for large and small birds and is very effective in deterring birds.  Place the hawk decoy on a fence or roof to scare birds away. Flash tape is red reflective tape used to hang in trees, plants and gazebo-like areas. When the flash tape blows in the wind it creates an unfamiliar and disturbing distraction that bird stay away from. Other visual deterrents include diverters and balloons that also hang in trees and bushes and resemble the eye of a predator causing birds to steer clear of the area. Most visual bird deterrents are very cost effective solutions to keeping your garden bird free.

Sound bird deterrents are also very effective for scaring birds away from your garden. The Bird Chase Super Sonic, available in a solar and electronic version, is an excellent option for keeping birds out of your garden. It plays predator calls and distress signals for several species of birds causing pest birds flee the danger zone. The Bird Chase Super Sonic covers an acre making it perfect for gardens and yards. For smaller areas, like balconies with planter boxes, the Sonic Shield is great. When triggered, this motion activated device replicates a vicious barking dog, causing birds to quickly flee the area.

Get your bird control products today and start enjoying your garden! Get rid of the birds!