Get rid of cicadasBrace yourself, the cicada swarm is coming. Cicadas are on their way to attack your plants and trees. For the most part, Cicadas are harmless; however, the damage they leave behind can be catastrophic. Cicadas emerge from the ground by the thousands with a very specific agenda – to mate. This year, Brood II – which originally debuted in 1996 – is on its way, making now the ideal time to protect your yard and garden.

Best known for their very loud and sometimes irritating buzzing sound, cicadas cause damage to cultivated crops, shrubs, trees and gardens. The Cicadas only sing during the daytime and can be heard up to a half mile away. Their main source of food is drinking from plant stems, but the Cicadas still cause serious damage to trees, where the female Cicadas slice open branches in order to lay hundreds of eggs each season.  

To keep cicadas away, use Cicada Netting. Successful Cicada control is proactive – meaning the netting is set up before you see the Cicadas invade your property. Cicada netting is an inexpensive and efficient way to proactively inhibit cicadas from destroying your property. The one-quarter inch mesh netting is virtually invisible and is effective for protecting trees, crops and individual plants. Cicada netting is made of a U.V. protected polypropylene plastic that is lightweight and easy to handle. The netting is available in bulk rolls for large areas, or smaller sizes for tailored coverage. Cicada netting is secured using twine, zip-ties or with bird netting clips.