spring bird controlSpring is around the corner, which means it’s almost time to plant your garden. As you prepare, be mindful of the pest birds that eat your plants, berries and flowers. Pest birds can destroy a garden by eating, leaving a mess of nesting materials and droppings behind. Bird droppings can contaminate your crops, making the harmful and/or inedible. There are humane bird control products to protect your garden this spring.
Garden Bird Netting

To exclude pest birds entirely from your garden area, use garden bird netting. The netting is used a physical barrier to humanely block birds from getting to fruit trees, berry bushes, edible garden plants, under eaves and other areas. This particular bird netting is made from a durable, U.V. protected polypropylene. The netting is lightweight and meant for temporary use. To install the bird netting, simply suspend the netting over bushes or vines by at least 4 inches; for individual plants, you can wrap them individually or suspend the netting around entire garden area. When the birds see there isn’t a food source, they will move on and the bird netting can be removed.

Bird netting is sold in two roll sizes: 14' x 100' and 14' x 200' and can easily be cut down to desired size. There are three different "mesh" sizes to choose from: ¾" mesh, ¼" mesh and ½" mesh. Garden bird netting clips are also available for purchase for easy installation.
Bird Sound Deterrents

The Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic is a programmable bird sound deterrent used to deter birds from large open spaces. The unit is weather resistant and is solar so that it can play on clouded days. During the day, the device is powered with solar energy and a light sensor shuts the device off at night to conserve energy.

Distress and predator calls from over 22 types of birds are broadcasted at ten minute intervals to alert birds of danger. When birds hear these calls, their natural instinct is to flee the area. Birds hear on the same level of humans and do not hear ultrasonic noises; therefore, the device operates between 65-105 decibels. The device an easily be installed where ever birds are a problem.