Pigeon Problems ?


Known variously as rock doves and derisively as ”rats with wings,” pigeons continue to be a major nuisance to today’s homeowners. Failure to deter or repel these prolific birds with effective bird control strategies will result in all sorts of problems for homeowners. Besides physical damage, pigeons can also carry any of 60 known diseases, including salmonella, which makes them even more undesirable as a pest.


Costly Damage


The acid in pigeon droppings is highly corrosive and can eat into plastic, wood, metals, vinyl and even stone. Pigeon nesting materials and acidic droppings can severely damage AC systems, rotating air circulation vents, skylights, TV antennas and solar panels. Pigeon nests and nesting materials can quickly clog rain gutters, drains and roof corners, leading to expensive leaks. The acid in pigeon droppings will eat into many tar-based roofing substrates and eventually perforate a roof, leaving it vulnerable to leaks. Pigeon nests built under clay roofing tiles or wood shingles can also cause leaks when tiles/shingles are displaced.


Is Your Home a Pigeon Magnet?


Many homeowners may not realize that their home is a pigeon magnet. Like most wildlife, pigeons are attracted to food, water and safety. To ensure your home provides none of these for pigeons, start by making it less attractive to these pest birds. Some suggestions:


  • Deny them Food. Remove, cover or relocate any bird feeders in your backyard. Cover all your trashcans. Pigeons are scavengers who love to dig through these containers for food. Don’t allow your kids to feed pigeons. If you have a cat or dog, keep their food containers inside the house. Promptly clean up any food scraps or crumbs after a party, BBQ or other outside get-together.


  • Deny Them Water. Pigeons are attracted to water sources. If you have a birdbath in your backyard, cover it or make sure it has no water for birds. Fix any outside leaking faucets and remove any water puddles and other containers that fill with water after rain or sprinkler use. If you have a pond, pool or spa, cover it to keep pigeons out. Like all birds, pigeons are attracted to the sounds of splashing water, so if you have a water fountain or other splashing water feature, turn it off. Keep pet water bowls inside the house.


  • Deny Them Shelter.  Pigeons will look for places to roost and nest. So seal all openings to eaves, lofts, steeples and vents. In addition, keeping trees and tall bushes trimmed will keep pest pigeons from perching and nesting near your home.


  • Deny Them Security. No, you don’t have to shoot them with pellet guns or use poisons. It simply means you need to make pigeons feel unwelcome. Allow your cat or dog to roam outside as often as possible to intimidate them.


  • Install Bird Spikes. Anti-perching, anti-roosting stainless steel pigeon spikes won’t allow pigeons to land on or near them. These spiked strips are rugged, easy to install and humane. The strips are flexible and will follow the rooflines and architectural features of your home to create a pigeon-proof landing zone.


  • Mount Some Bird Slope. Placed under eaves and other 90-degree nooks and crannies, these angled, slippery PVC panels keep pigeons away by denying them a solid footing. The panels are available in different colors and are easily installed using glue, nails or screws.


  • Get a Sonic Deterrent. These devices work on a pigeon’s psyche and emit the pre-recorded distress and predator calls they hate to hear. Some sonic deterrents are even solar powered, giving you lots of flexibility as to where and how they can be used.


  • Hang Some Flash Tape. Simple but surprisingly effective, this iridescent foil tape crackles in the breeze and reflects sunlight to keep pigeons away (the mirrored red-and-silver surface bounces sunlight, which convinces pigeons there may be a fire nearby). Just be sure to move these deterrents around often.


Absolute Bird Control is your source for pigeon problems.  We can supply you with bird repellents and bird deterrents, providing effective and humane solutions to a bird-free environment.  If you are having challenges with unwanted birds at your home or office; we have the solution.