Gull-Cat cat decoyDepending on where you live, boating season is alive and well.  Birds not only go to buildings and trees when they are migrating, but they also find boats are a great landing spot.  Lots of high points they can perch on.  There are also birds that can be a problem all year round.  When a seagull, for instance, spots your vessel they will easily make it their home.  Boat owners are constantly battling the pest bird. 

If you have had no prior bird control on the boat, hopefully it is not a disaster yet.  The birds are capable of creating a disaster with their droppings.  Bird’s feces are very acidic and over time will eat through the wood and canvas on the boat and often destroy the metals as well.  If there are already droppings on the boat, it may not be too late.  You must clean the boat to get rid of the droppings before you implement any type of bird control strategy.  Clean the droppings and any nesting materials by using a broad spectrum hospital grade cleaner which will also disinfect and deodorize the surface.  Make sure to protect your nose, mouth and eyes so that you do not inhale any dust particles from the droppings.  This is how diseases and bacteria get transmitted from the droppings to humans. After the boat is all clean, even when you are using the boat often, in between water outings, have bird control products in place so that you do not have to clean the boat and disinfect it each time you want to use it.

What is one animal you might never see in a boat?  Dog?  No, dogs love the water and are often seen boating with their owners.  Cats?  Cats do not like water usually.  It would be very rare to see a cat out boating with the family.  There is an interesting bird control strategy involving a cat.  Gull Cat Bird Deterrent is a life-like cat that is crouching and moving.  The unique design of the deterrent’s head and tailing moving with the waves and wind will scare birds away.  The random patters of movement will keep the bird’s guessing and flying on by this scary predator. 

Not only will it keep the birds flying away from your boat, but other boaters will get a kick out of you having a cat on your boat.  It is a fun conversation starter and will be well received by your fellow boaters who also have issue with pest birds on their boats.

Most boaters are used to seeing flash tape blowing in the breeze.  The iridescent tape is shiny and also makes a crinkling sound and will visually and audibly confuse the bird and scare them away.  This type of bird control method is used frequently amongst boaters.  Flash tape is also used around the home and businesses. 

Another more common bird control method used on boats is the Bird Spider 360 Bird Deterrent.  This is another deterrent that moves with the wind.  It is “spider-like” in that it has spindly arms that bounce and sway from its base.  It too, creates a visual distraction that frightens birds away.

Whether you use a cat or a spider to scare your birds away does not matter.  The point is scaring them away and keeping them away.  Using a few different strategies in tandem, and then periodically moving them around the vessel will keep the deterrents fresh and new to the pest birds that will be flying around in the area.  Enjoy your boating season pest bird free!