get rid of geeseThe geese are back! Every year flocks of Canada Geese make their way back to our lawns and while they are beautiful to look at, they are very detrimental to your property. They leave behind an abundance of droppings, which can be a health hazard, and feathers. Geese graze relentlessly on your lawn and vegetation leaving bald spots in your yard and piles of poop to clean up. Keep these birds away from your house with goose control products.

There are several humane goose solutions to get rid of geese. Since geese graze on grass, especially in areas near water, you can remove their food source as a way of deterring them. Migrant Goose Repellant is a non-toxic, food grade liquid product that is used to deter geese from common grazing areas, like lawns and shrubs. Migrant Goose Repellant is made from a non-toxic grape extract that when ingested causes an irritation to the mucous membranes and trigeminal nerves resulting in the geese avoiding the treated area. Disrupting their habitat by removing any reeds will also discourage geese from nesting on your property.

Scare tactics such as sound goose deterrents are also effective in goose control. Sonic Shield is a motion activated device that replicates a vicious dog barking sound when triggered. The sensor reaches a distance of about 30 feet to the front and 20 feet side to side. This is an inexpensive solution to bird control. The Goose-B-Gone Super Sonic another sound bird deterrent. It is more costly than the Sonic Shield but reaches a much greater distance and is very effective. It plays goose distress calls and predator sounds to scare geese away from your yard (or any area within a one acre radius).

The scarecrow is another effective motion activated scare tactic that sprays water from a sprinkler system every time it is triggered by motion. The scarecrow is used for lawns, docks, pools and other areas.  Coyote decoys are another inexpensive solution to getting rid of geese. These decoys can be placed in the nearby area and keep geese away since coyote feed on them.

Most goose control products are easy to install, however, if you have neither the time nor resources to install the goose deterrent products, there are wildlife and pest control professionals that offer humane capture and release services.

Get rid of the geese and the bald spots in your lawn!