visual bird deterrentIt is that time of year for fresh plums, peaches, apricots and nectarines.  Backyard fruit trees this time of year need protection from the pest birds.  Caring for fruit trees involves understanding what the tree requires.  Fruit trees are not too particular about their soil.  They can grow well in any number of mineral soils as long as they get plenty of water and the irrigation works well.  Mulch around the bottom of the tree helps to conserve water.  This is especially important in states like California where they are having a severe drought.

Summer time is the time to install bird control.  Starlings are aggressive pest birds that are known to go after peaches, tomatoes and berries.  Starlings have a good sense of smell.  They will find their way to the fruit trees.  When you have starlings, you will most likely have grackles, sparrows and crows as well.  They are known to flock communally.  There can be 10,000 or more birds in a flock at one time.  Not only will they strip the trees of the ripened fruit, but the sheer weight of the birds on the small tree branches can break the branches.  The accumulated droppings can also kill mature trees. 

Bird control is needed to protect the fruit trees from the damage of the pest bird.  Physical barriers like netting can be used, but the first line of defense is quick and easily implemented.  Visual deterrents placed in the trees and peripherally when the onset of pest birds is noticed will stop the birds from roosting in the trees and around the property.

Visual Bird Deterrents

A visual bird deterrent is an object that will frighten the pest bird away when they see it.  Holographic Flash tape is visual deterrent.  Flash tape is designed from commercial-grade Mylar tape.   The birds respond out of fear when they see the shiny reflective surface of the tape.  The tape causes a visual disturbance and the birds will want to stay away from the area as it frightens them and causes confusion.  In the breeze, the flash tape can also frighten the birds by the “crinkling” sound it makes.  It is ideal for use in fruit trees.  It can even work around a pool area, outdoor patio and garden areas. 

The inflatable bird deterrent balloon  also confuses the bird with its lifelike reflective predator markings the scare balloons can be easily hung in fruit trees, on patio covers and near the pool area as well as in the pool. It is the size of a standard beach ball.  The birds will avoid any area this shiny reflective balloon hangs.  It is effective for all seasons as it is made of a weather resistant vinyl. 

Comparably, bird deterrent scare diverters can be hung in problem areas such as fruit trees, sides of homes, gazebos, even boats.  The markings on the diverter, an iridescent foil eye, create distraction and confusion causing the bird to fly away from the area.  It is a durable rugged plastic material that will not harm the pest bird, just scare them away.