bird repeller 360Keep pest birds off your boat this winter with the Repeller 360° — a wind-powered physical bird deterrent that literally sweeps bird pests away without harming them.

The Repeller 360° spins in the wind to prevent large birds such as gulls, pigeons and crows from landing in unwanted areas. The unit offers pest bird protection in a 6-foot diameter, keeping birds from perching and loitering. The Repeller 360° features two "sails" mounted at the end of each stainless steel arm. Each sail displays a reflective bird predator eye. When the wind spins the Repeller’s arms, they intimidate and frighten pest birds daring to land near them. The wind-powered arms rotate continuously in the slightest breeze.

Because the Repeller 360° uses sustainable wind energy, it can be placed virtually anywhere pest birds gather, perch or roost. No electrical cords or connections are required. The unit is easy to set up using a patent pending clip that locks it into place. The unit’s railing mount is easily attached to railings from 1- to 5-inches thick to keep pest birds from ruining boat railings. All that’s required is to tighten the screw until the unit is secure. The unit has been specially designed not to  blow off in high winds. Engineered for outdoor use, the Repeller 360° uses UV-protected materials, including polycarbonate fins and a rugged base supported by two stainless steel rods. This ensures lasting performance in punishing outdoor weather.