get rid of cicadasBug Music is a book that was written about how insects gave us rhythm and noise.  This book is about spring 2013, and the cicadas in the Northeaster area of the United States.  It is about how, yet again, the cicadas will emerge.  They will emerge from their 17th year gestational cycle, the longest of any animal.

Cicadas can easily capture ones ear and imagination. The sounds of the wild and nature is very compelling.  Cicadas are a very unique insect. 

As amazing as they might be, they are also known to destroy trees and plants.  If the cicada comes into your backyard, you may be amazed, but not for their vocal abilities.  You will be amazed at the destruction to your shrubs and trees. 

The best cicada deterrent is cicada control netting, physically blocking them from your trees will force them to go elsewhere.

The garden bird netting that is used for the cicada should be the ¼” mesh size. Cicada control netting will also stop the birds from getting the fruits on the trees.  The female cicada is the one that harms the trees and shrubs.  The female cicada cuts two small slits in a pencil sized branch or twig, and lays over 20 eggs.  She will repeat this process until there is about 600 eggs.  This causes the branches and twigs to die and break off.  Larger trees will start to look terrible, but they may survive, but the younger tree will usualy not survive.

Cicadac control netting is very important in saving the life of trees, young and old.  Cicada control netting, also known as garden bird netting is very durable, yet very light weight making it easy for the homeowner to install.  The physical barrier the garden bird netting creates will also keep the pest birds away, and protect the fruit the trees will bear. 

Cicada control netting is very cost effective and comes in rolls of 14’ x 100 or 14’ by 200’ and can be easily cut down to size or sewn together to create a larger piece.  Either way, the trees will be protected from the birds and cicadas.