Use Netting As A Woodpecker Deterrent

Typically woodpeckers live in forests and wooded areas and will drill in tree bark looking for insects; however, they are no stranger to residential dwellings. These amazing birds have hammer and crowbar-like beaks, feet with two sharply clawed toes pointing in opposite directions for grip and balance and along tongue with a sticky texture, all of which help them in their search for food. Determine the right woodpecker deterrent to keep them away from your property.

Woodpeckers can cause serious damage to homes and property, resulting in unnecessary repair costs. Sometimes visual deterrents will be enough to keep the woodpeckers away but if they are relentless then more drastic measures may be necessary. The surest way to prevent woodpeckers from destroying your property is to net them off.  
Woodpecker netting is made of a lightweight plastic mesh and can be installed on the side of a structure to block woodpeckers from pecking. Woodpecker netting acts as a physical barrier to block woodpeckers from gaining access to wood or stucco siding. The birds will be discouraged by the barrier and move on. It is great on eaves, siding and canopies.

Don’t be left with woodpecker house damage! Get rid of woodpeckers!

If you need assistance installing the woodpecker netting, there are authorized installers in your area that will be happy to help.