woodpecker house damageAre woodpeckers causing damage to your house? We typically think of woodpeckers as beautiful, vibrant birds that have an amazing ability of tapping their long beaks a million miles a minute; however, the truth is that woodpeckers are a nuisance to many home owners. Typically they are found in forests and wooded areas, but they are no stranger to residential areas, where they will peck on homes, telephone poles or anything wooden where they might find food.

When woodpeckers target your house or property, they will drill relentlessly either in search of food or as a mating call to attract a mate. Woodpecker house damage is unsightly and is an unnecessary expense that can be avoided altogether. 

There are several humane ways to get rid of woodpeckers. One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to deter woodpeckers is with the Woodpecker Deterrent Kit, which is the ultimate woodpecker control solution that comes with a repeller balloon, flash tape and installation brackets for hanging both. Installation is extremely easy and because this is a visual deterrent, there are no chemicals or anything harmful to birds. It simply scares the woodpeckers away because they see the balloon as a predator and the flash tape is a bright moving object that causes confusion and keeps the birds away.

If you prefer something a little less obvious, woodpecker netting is an excellent solution to deter woodpeckers. Bird netting takes a little more finesse to install than the visual deterrents but it is well worth the effort, causing a physical barrier between woodpeckers and your property. Once you get rid of the woodpeckers, the netting can always be removed and reinstalled next year if/when needed.

Don’t be left with woodpecker house damage! Get rid of woodpeckers!