Geese are becoming more of a nuisance these days. Changes in habitat and food source have caused these traditionally migratory birds to change migration routes and in some cases Canada Geese have become non-migratory due to adequate food supply during winter months in certain areas. This is problematic for home owners who live near a water source or golf course as these areas provide most of the survival necessities for geese.

Canada Geese loiter on your property over-grazing and pooping, killing your grass and leaving behind a mess. There are several ways to keep unwelcome geese off your property but one the best methods is Migrate Goose Repellent. This goose repellent takes away their food source without harming them. Made of grape extracts that irritate the birds trigeminal nerve and mucous membranes, Migrate Goose Repellent produces an uncomfortable sensation causing them to move on to a more appetizing food source.

Migrate Goose Repellent comes in a one gallon jug and can be applied directly to the grass area and shrubs that needs to be treated. Treatment is easy! Simply mix one part goose repellent concentrate with 12 parts water and spray the area using a hand held sprayer. Soon you will get rid of geese!

Deter geese from grazing on and destroying your property!