Birds often enjoy open spaces like garden areas and yards. They will eat from the garden, nest in trees and land and roost in areas around the yard. Often times these birds become a nuisance when the leave droppings all over your harvest, outdoor furniture and around the yard. Birds can carry several (up to 60 known) transmittable diseases, making them unwelcomed guests in gardens and yards.

Yard Areas:                                                                

For birds around the yard as well as the garden, sound bird deterrents are often a great solution to scare birds away from the area. The Super Sonic Bird Chase is sound device that replicates the birds in distress as well as common predator calls. The device plays for a period of two minutes every 10 minutes. It comes in solar and electric options. The Super Sonic covers up to an acre and with additional speakers can reach up to four acres. Birds fear a predator in the area when they hear the noise, keeping birds away from the treated area.

Garden Areas:

To keep birds out of garden areas, plastic garden netting is a definite solution. The netting works as a physical barrier to humanely keep birds out of unwanted areas. Garden bird netting is a lightweight plastic mesh net used to temporarily protect fruit trees, blueberry bushes, gardens, vineyards, eaves and other areas from birds. It is a very low cost solution to get rid of birds, ensuring your produce is protected from contamination and being scavenged. This garden netting is made of U.V. protected polypropylene. The plastic netting is designed to keep pest birds from eating your crops and destroying your vegetation. It comes in a variety of mesh sizes: ¾”, ½” and ¼”. It also comes in several cut sizes to fit different size garden or treatment areas.