keep birds off roofsBirds perch on roofs since they prefer to sit at the highest point of a structure. They create noise and health and safety risks with the droppings they leave behind. The cost in damage and cleanup can really add up too if the issue goes unattended. Bird control solutions should be implemented as quickly as possible to ensure the problem doesn’t get worse.

One solution to keep birds off your rooftop is to install bird spikes along the peak of your roof and along the ledges. Bird spikes are a physical bird deterrent that keeps birds from landing because of the uneven surface created by the spikes. Bird spikes are safe and humane; they will not harm birds. The spikes come in different widths to ensure they cover the width of your roof ledges. Bird spikes are also available in stainless steel or plastic. They are very easy to install with either adhesive or screws and come with industry leading guarantees. Spikes work on larger birds like pigeons and seagulls.

For birds perching on the slope of a roof or on flat portions where it may not be feasible to install multiple rows of bird spike, the Bird Spider 360°™ is a great solution. The Bird Spider 360° is designed to spin in the wind while its stainless steel arms bounce around. This commotion causes a confusing visual distraction that scares birds away from the area. The Bird Spider 360° works on larger birds like pigeons, seagulls and crows. It comes in multiple sizes (2’, 4’, 6’ and 8’) to cover different diameters. The Bird Spider 360° is easy to install with screws or adhesive and has several additional mounting options.

Keep birds off your rooftop with bird control solutions!